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12 Passenger Extended Van Rentals Available in Boston

Our 2020 Mid-Roof 12 Passengers Extended Vans Are Extremely Comfortable & Seats Can Be Removed For More Storage

Additional Space for Luggage, Equipment, and Souvenirs

We Can Remove Seats Upon Request In Our Passenger Vans

2020 Transit Passenger Vans Have Front/Rear Crash Avoidance Sensors

12-Passenger Extended Van Rental

Questions/Special Requests? Call Jim or Jeff at 617-926-7511

Do You Need Nore Miles? Call Jim or Jeff at 617-926-7511

Ford Transit – Redesigned and Ready to Go

The newly redesigned Ford Transit 12-passenger extended model elevates the look and feel of rental vans. Built on the same chassis as our 15-passenger models, this version removes the last row of seats to allow for extra storage room. All 12 passengers and their luggage or equipment can travel together in the extended van rental, which makes large group trips easy and convenient. The lightweight, European-style design of the brand new Ford Transit makes driving and turning in congested areas a more manageable experience. All vans are low mileage with a superior fuel economy.

Large Groups Love Our Rental Vans

Affordable group travel is made possible with the 12-passenger extended van from Peter Fuller Rentals, serving the Boston area. These spacious models feature a sleek profile and are built for big groups and their belongings. These vehicles accommodate longer trips with split seating and middle aisle design, reclining chairs with headrests, extra headroom for tall passengers, and additional storage space, so riders can sit back and relax.

Getting in and out of the van is easy. With low-leveled steps on the front and side doors, this van rental provides assistance for passengers who need it. The 12-passenger model has an intelligent layout on the inside, too, so riders can easily move around the vehicle without disturbing other passengers.

For weekend trips, weddings, church groups, sporting events, music tours or any other trips requiring large group travel, the 12-passenger extended van from Peter Fuller Rentals is a fitting solution within the Boston area.

Looking For Extra Seating?

Our 15 passenger Ford Transit van rental is built on the same chassis as the Ford Transit 12 passenger extended van, but offer an extra row of seating. These rental vans are great for the largest of groups who want to travel together across town or across the country.