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5 Passenger Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee, a comfortable five-passenger SUV available for rent at Peter Fuller Rentals in the Boston area, is perfect for family road trips or adventures requiring extra luggage space. With ample seating and generous cargo capacity, this new model SUV is ideal for exploring the city or embarking on a long-distance journey.

5 Passenger Jeep Grand Cherokee

Affordable group transport is made possible with rental SUVs from Peter Fuller Rentals, serving the Boston area. Our roomy 5-passenger Grand Cherokees feature ample space for stowing luggage, equipment, pets, and anything else that makes a trip more enjoyable. These vehicles can accommodate smaller groups and their belongings with ease.

These 5-passenger Grand Cherokees look the part with modern style and contouring, perfected lines, and sleek profiles. But looks aren’t everything; these models are also affordably priced to make travel with families or small groups an economical choice.

For hauling sports equipment, beach gear, or moving small furniture, the rental Grand Cherokees from Peter Fuller Rentals are an economical, affordable way to get to the places everyone – and everything – needs to go. All Grand Cherokees are low mileage, fuel-efficient, and are ready to drive with full gas tanks.

Looking for more passenger space?

Our 15-passenger Ford Transit van rentals accommodate more riders in one vehicle. These vans are great for large groups who want a comfortable, convenient, and affordable way to get everyone to the same place.